Five Things Friday: Valentines Ideas

It’s Valentines Day this weekend and, although we don’t tend to do very much to celebrate (apparently my dear husband’s birthday is way more important!), we still share a little something.

Here’s some inspiration for a little something for your loved one.

1.  The Little Umbrella shares this gorgeous heart garland – I would write little messages around the outside of each heart.  Easy DIY Tote bag from Clumsy Crafter  499x1024 DIY Heart Tote Bag

2. Clumsy Crafter has this stamped heart tote bag.  The idea would easily be adapted for a card.

do it yourself craft ideas waving Danish Heart Baskets

3.  Lol Damn  has these felt hearts.  These always make me think of my darling Granny as she used to make smaller versions of these with us at Christmas to decorate the tree.  The could be used to make a cute key fob so that your beloved can carry it with them each day.

crochet heart shaped storage baskets made with zpagetti tshirt yarn

4. My Poppet has these gorgeous little crochet baskets – makes me want to dig out the crochet hook again!

5.  Zoe Makes Cakes shares these Queen of Hearts jam tarts.  Since I’ve got little B at home with me all week I’ll be making these with him ready for his Daddy’s birthday.  I think he’ll love cutting out the heart shapes.


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