Cosytoes for Nanny’s Pushchair

I’ve just looked at that title again.  Nanny doesn’t need a pushchair!  I meant a cosytoes for little B’s pushchair that he uses at Nanny’s house.  We rarely use a pushchair with the sprog these days as he prefers to run everywhere, but when he’s with Nanny she sometimes finds it easier to stick him in a pushchair, especially if she’s trying to get him to have a nap.  As the colder weather starts he needs a blanket, but he’s not all that good about keeping it on his lap – he can be a bit of a monkey, he’s 2, it’s in the job description!  A cosytoes was needed so I got on the case.  I had to make a new one as he’s grown too tall for his old one – no matter I’ll keep that for our pushchair ready for the new arrival

Nanny's pushchair cosytoes


Unfortunately I didn’t have any fancy fleece material to use and no time to go shopping anytime in the near future so I had a search through the fabric pile and found a blue fleecy blanket that I had no other use for.  Some leftover material from another recycling project for the lining and, using the method I used before but remembering to actually put little B in the pushchair and measure how long it needed to be, I knocked this up in about an hour, despite little B trying to ‘help’ with the sewing!



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