Five Things Friday: Ideas to use up the leftover Turkey

If you’re anything like me, you ordered a turkey that was way too big and could have fed the neighbours as well as everyone you invited!  Although I seem to do this every year, I won’t have the problem of leftovers this year as I didn’t cook for the first time in about 6 years as it was my mother’s turn.  We thought that being 33 weeks pregnant might just be enough work for this year and I’d take a back seat and enjoy the children’s toys!   Here’s some ideas to use up those pesky leftovers.

Turkey Pie

1. Jamie Oliver has this Turkey Pie.  The beauty of this recipe is that you can chuck in leftover veg as well.  I love Jamie’s recipes as they’re so adaptable and always work.


2. Recipe Girl has this Turkey and Cranberry Strudel.  It looks really impressive, but the pictures on her blog make it look really easy!

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry Chelsea buns

3. Paul Hollywood shares these Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Chelsea Buns.  It’s something a bit different that would be perfect to take if you go for a Boxing Day walk in the countryside.

cream of turkey and wild rice soup

4. Delish has this Cream of Turkey and Wild Rice Soup.  Sometimes you just want a warming soup rather than a proper dinner after eating too much on the big day!

turkey chili recipe

5. Passion for Savings has this Turkey Chili which would make a pleasant change from my traditional Turkey curry!


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