Grandpa’s New Hobby

Grandpas needle book outside

Since he finally retired from work, my Dad has gradually found ways to fill his time.  Geocaching has been the biggest way of keeping him out of mischief; he loves the challenge of a puzzle cache or a first to find but now he’s found a new hobby. Kites.  Not content with watching them fly, he wants to make them and anything my dad does has to be done properly so he’s started making his own.

Although my mum has a perfectly good sewing machine, he’s taught himself how to sew and is hand sewing his kite.  A request came in for a needle book to keep his special needles separate from my mum’s general sewing needles.  I don’t know what’s particularly special about his needles, but who am I to argue!  A quick five minutes with the overlocker and the sewing machine (no time for hand sewing here!) produced him a little needle book for him to keep his sewing needles in.

Grandpas needle book inside


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