Upcycling an old reliable






Chair Upcycling Before

When I bought my first home (many moons ago) I was determined that, despite having no money, I was not going to furnish it solely from Ikea!  A lot of stuff ended up coming from said shop, most of which I still have 13 years on, but this little beauty was found in a charity shop for a fiver.  At the time, pink was perfect.  I covered the cushions in the material I used to make the curtains in the lounge and hadn’t done anything to it ever since.

It’s had various homes and uses. In house number one it was an occasional chair in the lounge, in house number 2 it was originally in the spare room but then got relegated to the shed when my husband moved all of his treasured possessions in and ousted it.  Here in house number 3 it wasn’t seen very often as it was permanently covered in a pile of cast off clothes in the corner of the bedroom.  When we redecorated our room it got relegated to the conservatory as a place to sit and watch little B in the garden from .

Now though, it has new purpose in life.  With little B moving into his big boy bedroom we needed a little area for sharing a bedtime book so we invested in some blue spray paint and gave it a new lease of life.  I recovered the cushions using my normal envelope method, shown here, to match the curtains and it looks great.   Not bad for a total of £15!

Chair Upcycling After


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