Day 78: Happy 3rd Birthday

Goodness me – hasn’t the time flown;  I can’t quite believe that it’s three years since I set up this little blog!  I’m going to celebrate with a few facts and figures (the mathematician in me loves a stat!).

Number of posts published: 359

Number of drafts neglected and needing work: 11

Number of views: 29,508

Number of comments: 573

Number of followers: 321

Visitors from 130 different countries

Most popular topic I’ve blogged about: Crafts

Most popular post of all time:  Five Things Friday: Crayon Art Ideas

The post where it was most difficult to find the right words: Day 46: Proud

Baby B

The post that will always make me smile: Little Did I Know!

Here’s to the next three years of keeping myself out of mischief with crafts, creativity and chatter!


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