Marble Run – Fine Motor Skills Practise

Marble Run - Fine Motor Skills Practise

It’s weeks since I last posted a sewing post and longer still since I actually did any sewing (a bit of a backlog of crafts to post which I’ve now caught up with!).  Little B hasn’t been sleeping at all well and I’ve been getting a lot of early nights in preparation for being woken at some ungodly hour for him to scream at me!  This doesn’t leave a lot of time for crafting – he’s keeping me out of mischief by keeping me so tired I can’t actually move!

This was a quick craft that I did having pinned the idea on my SEN Pinterest board. I’ve been looking for a set of games to rotate around a group of children so that they can practise their fine motor skills.  This game requires them to move three marbles through fabric channels from one green square to another.


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