Apricot and Almond Polenta Cake

Apricot and Almond Polenta Cake


This year I have started to do my shopping using the supermarket online service.  This is because I was fed up of spending half of my Saturday morning fighting my way around the supermarket along with what seemed like hundreds of other people but also because little B was a little too helpful, you can read about this here.

As the service I use has a ‘Usuals’ list I have already fallen into the trap of buying a lot of the same things week in, week out, despite my menu planning.  I’ve decided to remedy this by choosing one random thing each week that I’ve never really used before.  Last week it was a bag of polenta.  I’ve used polenta that’s sold in a solid block before as a topping for stew (much like you’d use dumplings) but I’d never bought it as a grain.

I’ve experimented a bit with it. One day I made it up according to the pack instructions so it had the consistency of mashed potato.  I wasn’t too keen, if I’m honest, but little B and the husband ate it all up.  I came down with a stinking cold the following day so it was possibly that I couldn’t taste anything properly so I must try it again like this.

This cake was the result of a day of being stuck in the house with little B while I felt awful.  Baking always helps so I made this up as I went along and consequently I don’t have a recipe to share.  It tasted good (when I finally got my taste buds back!) so I’ll have to have another go and share the recipe with you!


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