Day 24: Ready, Set, Go!

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

These are currently my son’s three favourite words, or rather ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ as we say in the UK.

When I arrive at my sister in law’s house in the afternoon to collect little B, I normally find him at one end of the lounge lined up with his two cousins shouting those three words at the top of his voice. They then race madly to the other end of the room and back to where they started and collapse in a giggling heap! This is then repeated for as long as they can before they give in to exhaustion and start hiding behind the floor length curtains or one of them crashes into another and they come running for a cuddle with their eyes full of tears. They then start again until I drag him home with me for his tea, and would probably carry on until bedtime if I didn’t!

It’s a sign of how his understanding of language and physical development are coming along. Before Christmas he would shout ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ but would already be halfway down the room before his cousins had even started, now he waits for the ‘Go’ before racing away. He’s so much more stable on his feet too, before Christmas he looked liked a bow legged Cowboy but now his running actually looks like running and he doesn’t constantly look like he’s going to trip over his own feet! It’s amazing how fast these changes are happening!


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