Five Things Friday: Healthy Breakfasts for Children

5TF Healthy Breakfasts.jpg

As the mother of an increasingly fussy toddler and a one year old who would eat me, if only he could move fast enough, meal times are a battle between giving them something healthy and giving them something they’ll actually eat.  I refuse to cook a different meal on every day of the week for the little darlings, but equally I know which battles to bother fighting.  This month I’m going to focus on healthy ideas to feed the entire family, but making sure they appeal to the fussiest of toddlers (mine!).  I’m also going to be inspired by Instagram – I’m really falling down the rabbit hole of no return and I’m spending ridiculous amounts of time staring at beautiful pictures!  Might as well have a bit of purpose and productivity to be shown for the time I spend there!

Here’s some inspiration for the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

  1. @aspoonfulofhealth shares what we in our family affectionately call ‘monkey breakfast’.  It never fails to disappear at an astonishing rate of knots!  You have to look at her Instagram feed – the photos are so vibrant!

2. @plant_chef_rae has these beautiful breakfast muffins.  ‘Cake, Mummy, of course I’ll eat cake!’

3. @foodwithcarmen mixes all kinds of wonderful things into a smoothie. ‘Chocolate pudding, Mummy, I’m sitting at the table now!’

4. @mariellasbackstube shares these pancakes with apple sauce.  Pudding for breakfast, how can they refuse!

5. @ipekroz has these egg muffins stuffed with good things.  I also make these in silicon cases as they’re easier to pop out of the cases for little hands.


Next week I’ll share inspiration for healthy packed lunches.


What’s your favourite healthy breakfast?