Day 2: Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept asks the prompt in the WordPress 365 Daily Prompts ebook.  Well, yes, this blog is the indirect result of the best resolution I ever made and managed to keep.

As the clock ticked over midnight into January 2011 I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to work every hour of the day but I was going to give myself some me time and get crafty.  I began with rediscovering knitting and the obsession grew and grew, as did the pile of discarded disastrous projects!  I started taking photos of my creations and wanted somewhere to record what I’d been up to.  The idea of blogging came from a project that I was going to be doing with my class at school, as we were going to create a class blog so that their parents could see what they’d been up to, and there was no way I could teach them how to do it before I’d learnt how to use the software myself!  

I launched the blog in March 2011 (you can read the first post here) and, although there’s been times when the posting has been ‘intermittent’ to say the least, I’m proud of the amount of crafting and sharing that I’ve done.  I’m certainly much happier for not spending every hour staring at my planning documents worrying about every little thing!


Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Leave a comment, I read each and every one!

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