Tea Party Tidy

Tea Party Tidy

Billy is completely obsessed by cups of tea.  He watches us drink them and waits and waits until they’re empty then spends ages putting the teaspoon in and out and pretending to stir it.  I decided that he needed his own little tea set that had less danger of being smashed on our lovely wooden floors or the tiles in the kitchen.  I bought this set from Sainsburys along with my weekly shop and I wanted to make sure that it was all kept together and didn’t all disappear into the bottom of the toy box.

I made this large drawstring bag using some material that I had left from making a baby playmat for my niece and used this method. His favourite trick is to hold the bag by the corner and tip everything all over the floor before he makes me a nice cup of tea 😉

It was a great plan but, needless to say, some of the bits have already disappeared into the big black hole under the sofa!


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