Five Things Friday: Keyrings

I’ve had a purge.  I was carrying around a huge bunch of keys and I felt like a jailer!  I had keys for the old house, the new house, the car, my parent’s house, bike locks, the shed and three keys that I didn’t have a clue what they were for!  I decided it was time to have a sort out – I really don’t need my bike lock key or the shed keys when I’m at work now do I?!  Here’s some inspiration for making some keyrings, I’m definitely going to make some for the keys I’m leaving behind!

1.  How About Orange has these key rings made from shrinking plastic sheets.

2.  Vixen Made has this way to use up scraps of fabric.

Cute Felt Bird Key Ring Key Chain. Batch Two - Brights

3.  The Crafty Bluebird has these cute felt birds – so colourful, I wouldn’t lose them in my bag!

Lip Balm Holder, size A (W-SL-699)

4.  William’s Gift Shop on Etsy has this idea for a lip salve cosy.  This would make sure I always had my lip salve with me rather than hiding in another bag!

5.  Living With Punks shares this great idea for using up the scrap bits of fabric in your stash – I’ve got so many little bits of fabric that I couldn’t bear to part with when we moved house, so this would be a great way to use them up.




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