Five Things Friday: Bird Feeders

For Christmas a friend of mine bought me a pottery bird feeder that you fill with bird seed and place in the garden so that they can find something to eat while the weather is so bad.  Here’s some inspiration for bird feeders that you can create.

1.  Birthday in a Box has this idea for reusing toilet rolls, so simple yet so effective!

2.  Beneath the Rowan Tree has this threaded version – has the added bonus of keeping the kids quiet as they thread all the goodies on!

3.  Prudent Baby shares these cookie cutter bird feeders.

Easy to Make Bird Feeder

4.  Holiday Crafts and Creations has this pretty take on a bird feeder.

Backyard Bird Feeder

5.  Spoonful has this idea using a plastic bottle and a couple of wooden spoons.


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