Menu Planning

Menu planning

I’ve loved being on maternity leave but the time has come for me to think about returning to work.  I can’t quite decide whether or not I’m looking forward to it.  I’m ready for my brain to get working again but Baby B is just getting really interesting so I don’t really want to send him to spend time with someone else.  I’m quite worried about how I’ll cope – I’d applied to go back part time but that’s not going to happen so within four weeks of going back I’ll be working full time.  I decided I had to get organised at home.  We’ve started to wean Baby B so I wanted to make sure that I was able to feed him something healthy and nutritious and to try not to resort to takeaway as much as we used to.

I spotted these lovely weekly sheets in Paperchase (they’ve changed the design now, still beautiful!) and decided to adapt them to be a monthly planner sheet that I would stick to the door of the fridge so I could plan our meals each week and then use it to remind me what I needed to get out of the freezer ready to cook each meal.

So far, so good.  I’ve found that we’ve eaten so much better since I started menu planning, I’m hardly throwing out any food that’s gone off and I’m saving so much money because I only buy what I need.  Win, win all round! I only hope that I manage to follow it once I go back to work!

Once I go back to work I’ll probably start posting more savoury recipes – mainly because I’m cooking better meals now!  Have a look at this savoury slice, which the eagle eyed among you will see we had for dinner on the 25th!


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