Five Things Friday: Lego Inspired Crafts

As a child I loved Lego.  Who am I kidding, I still love it and wish that I had a good excuse to sit and play with it – I can’t wait until Baby B is old enough to have Lego that we can play with!  Here’s some Lego inspired craft ideas which will just have to do me for now!

1.  All Things Bright and Beautiful has a tutorial available for her crochet Lego blanket.

2.  Gajitz has this idea.  I would put the grey backing piece in a cupboard and then hang my keys on it every time I cam home – I need this; I’m always losing my keys!

3.  I’ll be needing this idea shared by BoysGerms in a few years time!

4.  Abide With Me shares these Lego invitations from her son’s birthday.

Lego Birthday Cake

5. Krazy Cake Bakers shares this Lego cake.


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