Fleecy Cosytoes for the Pushchair – Tutorial

I’ve discovered a new love for walking since I had Baby B.  It’s great to get out and about and know that, due to the magical movement, Baby B will be asleep within minutes!  It’s getting rather cold now and I’d started to look at Cosytoes for the pushchair but I thought they were hideously expensive; why not make my own!

I found some lovely fleece at our local market which only cost £5 a metre.  I even managed to take photos as I went along as Baby B was having a lovely time playing with his Daddy so I didn’t have to worry about leaping up every time he had a whinge!

Measure the width and length as shown above and then worked out how far you want the ‘pocket’ to come up at the front.  Add the length measurement to this measurement and added a 2cm seam allowance all around.  Cut out two pieces of fleece this size and pin right sides together.  Sew up the edges, leaving a 10cm gap to turn it the correct way.  Turn right side out and sew up the gap.

Lay the blanket in the pushchair at the correct height, there will be extra blanket hanging off the bottom of the pushchair.  Mark where the straps will come through.

Mark boxes where the straps will come through, sew around them and use a craft knife to cut the fabric out inside the box.  Thanks to The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking for the inspiration for how to do the strap holes.

Fold the bottom of the cosytoes up to the desired height and sew up either side.  Wrestle with the straps on your pushchair until you manage to secure the cosytoes on it!  My cosytoes hangs slightly over the bottom so that Baby B can grow into it!


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