Five Things Friday: Mason Jar Ideas

I love these little jars and wish that they were more available in this country – the US seemed to have stores full of them when I was over there.  They’re so useful for craft projects – here’s some inspiration:

1.  Green Answers has this idea for clever storage.

Pin Cushion Mason Jar Craft

2. Country Woman has this idea for storage and a pin cushion.

3. Wit & Delight has a great idea for packing meals in a Mason Jar – perfect for taking to work!

4. Heart Handmade has this cute idea for wedding favours – a cookie mix in a jar.

Mason Jar Party Lights 6 DIY Lantern Hangers for Wedding, Patio, Garden, or Celebration, no jars


5. Treasure Again shows this gorgeous idea for fairy lights in mason jars – I’d do this in the garden in the summer if only we had a few dry evenings!


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