Five Things Friday: Interesting Planting Ideas

I’m the least green-fingered person on the planet – in fact one of my children at school once brought me a plastic plant because they didn’t trust me with a real one for my classroom!  I love interesting planting ideas – here’s some inspiration (all of which I’ll ignore – it wouldn’t be fair on the plants!)

Plant containers: planting red geraniums in tomato soup cans

1.  This article in The Daily Telegraph has this idea for re-purposing Tomato Soup cans.

Front Garden Herb & Plant sale 7 - Cherry Menlove

2. I love this idea for re-purposing an old butler’s sink from Cherry Menlove.

3. Inspire Bohemia has loads of interesting ideas for planters including these wellies hung from a fence!


4.  Perhaps if I labelled my plant pots like this idea from Amazing Moms I’d stand a chance of remembering what was in them!

weird cars  Car as plant pots

5.  Perhaps not the most practical suggestion but I love this idea from Pistoff!

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