Little did I know!

As you may have noticed my blog has been a little neglected recently!  I’m really good for a while then I go quiet for a bit then I rediscover it!  I’m sorry followers, but this time I have possibly the best excuse!

The eagle eyed may have noticed that I had written a post about being pregnant and I’d written another post about Five Things that might just come in useful over the next few months.  When I write my Five Things posts I tend to do a whole series and then schedule them ready to publish for the coming weeks.  I’d done precisely that; written a whole series of posts that would take me up until I finished work for my maternity leave and then I’d write some more so that I could take a break when the baby was born.  Little did I know!

My baby was due on the 4th July, however, little B had other ideas and decided to come in to the world a little earlier than expected.  So when my Five Things blog post was published on the 1st June, little B was already five days old!

We were completely unprepared, both emotionally and practically – I’d barely got anything ready for his arrival! Although he was early he was in perfect health – just tiny!  After a two week wait for him to come home from hospital, which felt like an eternity, he’s been taking up all my time – certainly keeping me out of mischief!

We’ve now got used to the little bundle of trouble and life is returning to some kind of routine and I’ve been making things again.  I’ve been making lots of things for his nursery and I’ll post those on here.  I’ve had to give up my sewing room to become his nursery so I’m stuck in the corner of the spare bedroom – at least I’ve still got a space to get crafty in!  I’ve started cooking again – it’s so good to be able to lick the spoon and not worry about the effects of raw eggs on a pregnant body!

Here’s to keeping out of mischief!


5 thoughts on “Little did I know!

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