Five Things Friday: Clock Ideas

I never wear a watch, I just constantly look at my phone to find out what time it is when I’m out and about.  However, I love a clock on the wall.  Maybe it’s the mathematician in me, but I love the movement , the shape, the routine – what a geek!  Here’s my favourite five homemade clock ideas to inspire you.

1.  A Heart For A Home has this idea for a canvas clock – the phrase would certainly be appropriate for one person in our house!

2. Epheriall Designs has his idea for a clock made from a sewing hoop.  It would be a great way of displaying some vintage buttons.


3. Apartment Therapy has this idea for a picture frame clock – You could choose a theme to match your decor.

4,   Home Savvy A to Z has this idea for a really cheap clock – I love a Post-it note!

5.  I love this idea using alarm clocks from Sarah Wandering.  So simple but so effective.


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