Five Things Friday: Plastic Bag re-purposing

We have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with plastic carrier bags in this country.  Although we’re getting better at using reusable shopping bags, we still use far too many of the ‘disposable’ kind.  Shop assistants seem obsessed with giving them to you in shops; I bought a bottle of Coke this week and the lady in the supermarket couldn’t understand why I didn’t want a bag for it – all I was going to do was walk to the car with it and then take it into the house.   Maybe they get forced into doing it so that you walk around with a bag that advertises them (even if it is only for the distance from the front door of the shop to your car!).  I started looking around for re-purposing ideas so that I could use up some of the many, many plastic bags that we have lying around the house.  Here’s my favourite five:

Upcycled Plarn Grocery Tote

1.  Craftsy has this knitted grocery bag, you could create stripes by using bags from different shops.


2. My Recycled Bags has this crocheted clothes peg bag.

3. Makha crafts has this plastic bag wallet.

4. Blah to Tada! has these gorgeous corsage flowers – perfect for brightening up a package.

5. If none of these projects inspire you, at least Martha Stewart has this pretty plastic bag organiser to help you stash them out of sight!


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