Five Things Friday: Bookmark ideas

I love a good book but rarely get to sit for long with one so a bookmark is a must  Here’s some great craft ideas for creating a bookmark so you don’t lose your page.

1.   Craftsnob has this idea for a ruffled elasticated bookmark.


2.  Inspiremecrafts has this magnetic bookmark – love this idea as it can’t fall out of the book when you drop it!

paperclip bookmarks

3.  Bookxcessblog has this idea for bookmarks made from paperclips – you could put any design you liked on the top.

Page corner bookmark for kids

4.  Ohcrafts has this monster idea – I’m going to make these with my class at school and see if it encourages them to read more!

5. Kendra at You Are Not Your Job has this crocheted pen holder that could double up as a bookmark – I love stuff that multitasks!


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