Project Three: Drawstring Bags

Way back in May (2011) I wrote two posts with projects made from a pack of tea towels.  I’d bought this set of tea towels and had been inspired to make a pencil case and a knitting needle roll and I knew I had enough material left to make another project which I then completely neglected to post!  Too many good ideas, not enough time!

At school we have wooden letter templates for drawing around when we do our classroom displays.  The letters are still in plastic bags that they arrived in many moons ago and they’re riddled with holes so I thought it was time they had some proper bags to live in.  So from one tea towel I made four small drawstring bags.

Cut the tea towel into quarters so that you get mini tea towels with the same proportions.  Fold and pin a 3 cm hem along one long side of the material and sew a seam along the edge as shown:

Fold and pin the material in half with right sides together and sew a seam as shown:

Turn the bag the right way and thread 50cm of cord through the hem you made at the top of the bag.  I use a nappy pin to thread the cord through as you can lock the clip at the top so that it doesn’t open halfway through the job like a safety pin often does!

I then drew around the first letter or number from each set on the bag using disappearing fabric pen and used chain stitch to sew around it.

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