Five Things Friday: Map Inspired Projects

I love maps. As a child I used to love long car journeys so I could look at a map for ages and find funny place names or hidden attractions.  Sat-Nav just doesn’t have the same effect.  I’ve been inspired by lots of projects using the idea of maps.  Here are my favourites.

1. See Kate Sew has this fantastic idea for a scrap fabric map – it’s so effective with the US states.  Don’t think it would have quite the same effect with the counties of the UK!

2.  I Love Handmade has this cushion, put the red felt heart where your home is.  Just needs to move a centimetre north-east for me!

3. Craftzine  has this idea for a string map – I’d love to try this with the London Underground map.

Mixed Media Nail & Metallic String California

4. Asyoulikeit had this California outline listed on Etsy which could be adapted for your home county/ state.


5. Bombus has this idea for sale at ‘Not on the High Street’.  I’d like to make it with places that are special to us; where we met, where we got married, where we went on our honeymoon etc.


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Map Inspired Projects

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  2. I love maps too! I found some pretty old ones that my mom had held on to forever, they are so cool! If only custom framing wasn’t so expensive, I’d cover my walls in framed maps 🙂


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