Five Things Friday: Easy Bakes for Christmas

I love Christmas and I’m getting properly excited now!  I’ve been looking for things to bake during the holidays and found lots of cute ideas.  Hope some of them inspire you to get baking!

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1. This Christmas Tree Brownies recipe is available on flickr.

2. Sweetopia has a video tutorial to show you how to marble and swirl royal icing.  I think these cookies look stunning!

3. Betty Crocker Wannabe has this idea for making marshmallows into cute little reindeers!

4.  Bakergirl has these reindeer cookies that I think would be great for making with kids.

Peppermint creams<br />

5.  BBC Good Food has these peppermint creams.   These are a bit of a tradition in our family – we always used to make these in our house in the week before Christmas.

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