Five Things Friday: Christmas Wrapping Ideas

I’m getting all excited now!  Christmas will be here before we know it and I’ve still got so much to do!  I’ve started looking for ideas to finish off my gifts in the most beautiful way possible so here’s some Christmas wrapping ideas to inspire you.

Woven Topper

1. Lion Brand Yarn has lot of ideas for using wool to make your gifts look beautiful – great for using up that stash of odds and ends!

Sewn Paper Treat Boxes 2. Tipjunkie has this great idea for packaging small gifts – it looks so easy to achieve!

Woven gift topper

3. Minieco has this environmentally friendly idea for using up some old newspaper.

Craftpodcast Paperglobes-1

4.  Heather Bailey has these paper globes – I think they could be adapted so they hung from the Christmas tree.

Like our Alter Egos?

5. Handmakemyday has this idea for new address cards that could easily be adapted as Christmas gift tags.

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