Five Things Friday: Christmas Card Ideas

Tis the season to start making Christmas cards so that they’re ready to send to my friends and family in far flung corners of the globe!  I’ve been pinning lots of inspiration and these are my favourites so far:

Form-A-Lines Christmas Kit 21. Card Inspirations has these kits with pre-punched holes to stitch these snowflakes.  Don’t think it would be too difficult to create your own version.

2.  Glenda’s Paper, Scissors & Rocks has this great way to use up scraps of wrapping paper.

3. Martha Stewart has this lovely pop-out idea which looks really easy to make.

Pinned Image

4.  I re-pinned this one from Pinterest  but unfortunately the link is broken.  I think this idea using rolled up paper could be adapted for a Christmas card.

created on: 11/25/08

5.   Curbly has this idea for a Christmas wreath made from different sized punched circles.

Just got to get on with them now!

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