Five Things Friday: Free Things to do in London

Many of our fiends live in London having moved there for work and I love going to see them and having a weekend in our capital city.  It’s such a vibrant, interesting place but can be horrendously expensive.  Here’s my five favourite free things to do in London.


1. Borough Market (picture from is a great place to go if you’re interested in food.  There’s so much variety and all the produce looks so fresh and tasty.  It’s a real feast for the eyes!

stitched science

2. The Science Museum (photo from is really interesting (although slightly over-run with small children!).  They even had a ‘Stitched Science’ event which looks exciting.  Unfortunately I didn’t hear about this until too late!

3. The street performers in Covent Garden (photo from are amazing; they get a huge crowd and sometimes invite passers-by to join in with their acts.  Get a table at one of the (incredibly) over-priced cafes or grab a snack and sit on the pavement along with everyone else!  There’s some really nice shops to wander around here too.

Tate Modern, London

4. The Tate Modern Gallery (photo from is less stuffy than some of the others.  The turbine hall is massive and the large scale exhibit in here is regularly changed.  The rest of the galleries have more modern pieces than some of the other art museums in London.

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5. Walk everywhere!  Although the public transport is really good you can’t beat seeing the city on a walk. Walk London has great ideas for walks around the capital and you can download audio guides to make your walk even more interesting.

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