Five Things Friday: Craft Room Inspiration

We’ve lived in this house for almost six years and the little bedroom has been woefully underused for most of that time.  At the beginning of the summer I cleared out all the rubbish and after a few trips to the tip realised that I had created a great space in which to have a craft room.  I’ve gradually been sorting out the storage but I’m having to make do a bit as the room has to also do duty as a study and storage for my husband’s drum kit.

I’ve been looking for inspiration for the space and so far these are my favourites.  I’ve chosen ideas that I can adapt, most of the ideas on the web seem to be for rooms that are far bigger than my space – a girl can dream can’t she?!

1.  Love this idea for a hanging rack that can be adapted as you get different craft items.

2. A great idea so that you can see all the different colours you have and to keep all the bobbins tidy.  Going to get my dad to make one of these for me now he’s retired!

3. So jealous of this fabric stash!  I love how’s it’s organised by colour; I obviously need to buy more fabric (and a larger house to keep it all in) so that I can have something as inspiring as this…. not entirely sure my husband would see it that way though!

4. I’m thinking Ikea would have these jars – ideal for lots of little odds and ends; buttons, sequins, clips, I could go on!

5. Heaven!  A comfy chair, so much storage it hurts and a lovely bright space.  We need to move to a larger house!


7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Craft Room Inspiration

  1. Pegboard is a craft space’s best friend! I have a full 4’x8′ sheet on the wall of my sewing room! Its wonderful to be able to hang so many items in plain sight rather than having to dig through drawers & boxes! And I love bookshelves filled with plastic tubs to store projects & such. You can see through them to know what’s inside without having to dig through them all! Here’s my little corner of craft heaven:

    Good luck on your room! Can’t wait to see pictures when you’ve finished. Or at least gotten the first working version in place. It’s an evolving project in my world!


  2. I love when thread spools are displayed like in your photo (and easily accessible)! Due to my available space I keep my threads in ziploc bags (sorted by color) and the bags are in a clear bin. It’s a temporary solution, but works well enough.


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