Sunday Scribblings: The Call

‘The Call’ says the prompt on Sunday Scribblings.

Teaching has a strange way of appointing people to jobs.  I think it’s a perfectly normal way having been offered four jobs in this manner, but everyone who I know outside of teaching thinks that it’s a harsh way of finding out if you’re offered the job.

In teaching you see a job, apply for it and then wait for a letter to invite you to interview. If you’re lucky you go to the interview and hopefully impress them.   So far, so normal.  It’s the next bit that most people find slightly strange.  Normally when you go for a job interview you leave, go home and wait for a letter or e-mail to say if you’ve got the job.  By the time you get the decision you’ve gone back to normality and sometimes even forgotten that you’ve even been for an interview (as was the case with one of my friends!).  If you’re a teacher you wait for THE CALL.

THE CALL comes sometime later in the day of your interview when the headteacher of the school where you’ve been for interview phones you to tell you if you’ve got the job.  This has one major benefit; you quickly find out if you’ve got a new job.  The drawback is that you spend the entire day on tenterhooks and every time the phone rings you have to scrape yourself from the ceiling because your blood pressure has just shot through the roof!  I always end up sitting at home being completely unable to move into a different room just in case the phone rings and I miss it. I can’t concentrate on what ever I’m doing because I start thinking ‘what if?’  Yet I keep putting myself through it!

What calls have you waited for?


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10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: The Call

  1. I didn’t realize a phone call was not the stardard method of being notified of being hired for a job, but then its been years since I looked for one. I guess I’ll find out as I’m currently in the employment market.

    I totally relate to the agony of waiting for a call . . . Too many calls have that element of “waiting.”

    This was a very nice scribbling.

    Miss D


  2. When I was young (Ha,Ha! As I said to Lloyd George……) One went for an interview, and then waited for a letter, either confirming acceptance of you, or rejecting you. Either way, you got a letter.
    Nowadays, at least in Finland, you either get a letter (or phone call) of acceptance – or nothing! Zilch! Nada! Nolla! The job rejects are ‘non-people’, deserving no courtesy.


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