Five Things Friday: Inspiring Words

I love posters with phrases that inspire. I have a couple of different boards of them on my Pinterest.  I print them out as postcard sized posters and put them wherever I need a bit of a boost.  These five are currently in my sewing room as creative inspiration.

1. I used to have a terrible habit of thinking that if I wasn’t doing work for school I was wasting time, but I’ve realised that messing around in my craft room is not wasted time. From

2. It’s always nice when people notice and comment, but most of the things I make are because I have an urge to create rather than an urge for attention for the creation. From

3. Too right! There’s beauty and inspiration in everything, you’ve just got to be in the right mood to discover it.  From

4.  I have to believe in what I’m creating and I should decide if it’s good enough to share.  From

5.  My excuse for the state of the rest of the house – probably should devote some time to organising it, but I’m too busy doing something more interesting.  I’ve got sewing, knitting, cooking, blogging….. to do!  From


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