Sunday Scribblings: Present

‘Present’ says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.  This could either be the here and now or a gift.  Let’s go with gifts.

A lot of the things I make are as gifts for others.  Whether it’s a gift for the latest arrival in a family or for my ‘Cinderella’ at work I love making a personalised gift that spreads a little happiness.  I’ve decided this year that I would like it to be a ‘handmade” Christmas.

This is fairly easy for all the women and little girls in my life as I’ve found loads of inspiration for things I can make for them, one hour bags (I’m posting this later in the week), cosmetic bags, little kits for the children to make their own sewing projects complete with photo instructions and  tote bags.  I might even get round to making some chutneys.

The men and boys in my life I’m struggling with. They always want gadgets and, try as I might, I just can’t make my own version of the ipad!    I’m thinking sewing, knitting and food.  I suppose I could make cases for their most recent gadget.  Anyone got any good ideas?


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