Herman smells slightly better now!

As you may have read on Monday, Herman is a very smelly cake batter.  He’s been sitting in my dining room for the past week getting bubbling away while I stir it and feed it every so often according to the instructions for each day.

Today I have completed the instructions and separated the mixture I had into four portions just like the one I started with.  Two of these have been given to my mum and friend and one has been kept so that I can repeat the process at school with my class as it fits nicely with our theme next week of micro-organisms.

To  the remaining portion I have added all kinds of goodies; cinnamon, raisins, grated apple, flour, eggs, and sugar. Herman Mark 2 then sat in the oven for about 45 minutes and tasted delicious – he certainly smells much better now!


4 thoughts on “Herman smells slightly better now!

  1. Looks incredible, I wondered what poor Herman’s fate was to be!

    I think your students are really lucky to have a teacher like you who brings in such cool projects for reinforcing concepts. 🙂


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