Herman stinks!

Herman stinks and definitely not in a good way.  Herman began his life at a friend’s house and she brought him to work for me to look after. He came with a list of instructions so that I cared for him properly.   I discovered that looking after him meant that I would have to put up with a very bad habit that he has – a very bad case of gas which causes him to smell awful.

Now, you may beginning to ask: “Who is Herman?”  Well, it’s not really a ‘who’ more of a ‘what’.  Herman is a cake.  To be more precise, he’s a sharing cake.

He arrived on Monday and sat on my desk at work all day.  Every time someone came into my classroom they commented on the smell and I began to take it personally!  I then took Herman home and my husband noticed the smell as soon as he walked in the door.

“It smells like a brewery.  What on earth smells so bad?”

Yeast.  Pure and simple.  He’s growing everyday; either because I have to add some more ingredients or because the yeast is doing its work.  After I’ve fed him a bit more I will have to split him into four portions and then give three of the portions to friends and then add some more ingredients to the final portion that I keep and then cook him.

I’ll show you the result later in the week!


2 thoughts on “Herman stinks!

  1. This wouldn’t happen to be Friendship Bread in the making, would it? I remember about two years ago when I received some, and I agree. Stinky! But oh-so-tasty when it’s all ready. 😉

    Have a great Tuesday!!!



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