Sunday Scribblings: Plan B

Plan B says the prompt at Sunday Scribblings.  As a teacher I always have to have a ‘Plan B’ up my sleeve.  At school we have a timetable that I try to stick to as much as possible as the children function better when they have routine but also for my own sanity.  However things happen that I have no control over… take Wednesday this week for example.

My class should have had an aquafit session straight after lunch in our on-site swimming pool.  About 15 minutes before the session was due to begin I had a message from the school office explaining that there was a problem with the pool so we wouldn’t be going.  I knew that I would have a class of disappointed children. As a teacher you get used to the challenge of thinking on your feet and coming up with a Plan B so I went through my mental list of ‘something’s happened, what else can we do?’ standbys.

My first thought was to take them outside for a bit of extra PE but the field and playground were already timetabled to other classes.  My second thought was to do some handwriting practice with them, but I decided that would be mean; handwriting isn’t really their favourite activity and would be a poor replacement for aquafit.

My third thought was to continue reading the class book (Boy by Roald Dahl) ready for their next English lesson. This proved to be a lovely calming start to the afternoon.  They whinged a bit when they realised they weren’t going to the pool, but when they realised they were continuing with their book they decided this was a good replacement. We later continued the afternoon as planned with our ICT and PSHE lessons.

I’ve found that if you have to use a Plan B with children you need to make sure it’s of comparable excitement otherwise their behaviour deteriorates and you can’t really blame them!


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: Plan B

  1. Plan B’s are definitely necessary when teaching!

    P. S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad to meet someone else as interested in crafts as I! Do you have an account on Ravelry?



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