Five Things Friday – Teaching Ideas

I’ve gone back to school trecently and I’ve had to start the dreaded planning.  Most of the time I love being a teacher, but the paperwork gets me down so I use lots of sites when looking for ideas to make the activities I do with my children more interesting and fresh.  These are the sites I use regularly, they’ve got great content and are easy to find the things you need.

1. Primary Resources is a great site, it has loads of ideas for every area of the curriculum and is frequently updated by the contributors.  The Moon Maths game is great for practising times tables.

2. Woodlands Junior School has great content about different topics; I use their History and RE pages a lot.

3.  The Children’s University of Manchester is great for Science resources and my class loved their Making a Mummy activity when we were studying Ancient Egypt.

4. Cool Math 4 Kids has loads of maths games with increasing levels of difficulty – one I have bookmarked on the school laptop to fill odd moments in the day.

5. The Times Education Supplement website has a community area full of forums with good ideas.  You have to sign up but access is free.


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