Teapot Tote Bag

As you regulars will know, we have a ‘Good Fairy’ scheme at our school.  The idea being that you do nice things and leave little gifts anonymously for your ‘Cinderella’ in order to spread a little happiness!  Last term I found it really difficult; my Cinderella was male and gluten and dairy intolerant so I couldn’t share any of my normal ‘gift’ standbys.  This term I’m going to find it easier and I’ve already started making some bits and bobs.

The first is this ‘Teapot Tote Bag’.  I saw the material when I found this fabric shop near Manchester (off there again this week so I’ll be on the lookout for more bargains!).  I thought it was a really cute print and ideal for a bag.  I used my usual method for making a tote bag.

Unfortunately I got really annoyed, the sewing machine was playing up; mainly due to the fact that I’ve been doing so much sewing recently that the needle was really blunt so it was struggling to even get through the material!  I had to do a lot of unpicking on this one!  No matter, it definitely kept me out of mischief!

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