Three Easy Sewing Projects for Children – containers

You might have noticed that I love sewing!  I also love sewing with my class at school – it’s so peaceful and quiet.  It has a real calming influence on my children, which I thought might be useful to those of you who are wishing unlike me that the long summer holidays were coming to a close!

Last term we made some pieces with the theme of ‘Containers’.  We brainstormed ideas and looked on websites for inspiration and chose three ideas which we then designed and made using felt as our main material.  I like using felt with children as it keeps its shape well and is easier to sew with than some more flimsy materials.  The beauty of these projects is that they can all be made from two 12″x12″ felt squares.  They’re not the prettiest things yet, I’ve given you the basics – let the kid’s imaginations run wild when it comes to decorating them!

Project one: Pencil Roll

Take one 12″x12″ square of felt.  Fold up one side so that the overall height is still tall enough for your crayons or pencils.  Pin and oversew each edge.  Put a pencil in between the layers of felt and mark how wide your pockets need to be.  Use a ruler to draw on the lines and back stitch along each line.  Add two pieces of ribbon/ friendship bracelet/cord at one end to tie together to secure your pencil roll.

Project two: Drawstring Bag

Take a piece of felt measuring 12″x6″.  Fold a seam of 1″ over along one long side of the felt.  Back stitch along this seam to form the pocket for your drawstring cord.  Place the outside faces together and sew along the two outside seams – don’t sew past the opening for the drawstring.  Turn right side out and add a decorative patch from a scrap of felt.  Thread a drawstring through the gap made from cord or ribbon.

Project three: Purse

Use the 12″x6″ piece that you have left from the drawstring bag.  Find the middle of one of the short sides and cut a ‘v’ shape to form the flap – we experimented a little bit to find the best size for this.  Fold right sides together and sew along the two edges of the purse.  Turn the right way and sew a popper or some velcro to the flap to form the closure.  Decorate as wildly as you want!

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