Toddler Travel Tablemat

My nephew is getting to that stage where he thinks he can eat on his own.  He’s almost there, but his hand doesn’t always do what his brain has told it to and he, the table and everything else in site generally end up covered in food!  I thought this would make a good gift for when I go to see him at the weekend, although he may not think so, since it doesn’t make noises or have flashing lights like most of his favourite things do at the moment!

Cut out one each of the following pieces –

Plastic lining 33 x 24cm and 13 x 15cm (pocket), I used a thin PVC coated cotton from IKEA.  The size of the pocket can be easily adapted depending on the size of your cutlery.

Interfacing 33 x 24cm,

Patterned outer 36 x 27 cm, I used a tea towel I’d got in the Dunelm sale

Cut out two

Patterned outer 4 x 22 (I forgot to show these in the picture).

You will also need velcro or poppers to secure it.

To make your travelling toddler tablemat:

Hem three sides (one long and two short) of the pocket.  Pin this through the plastic liner and the interfacing in position on the left hand side as shown in the picture and sew along three sides, leaving the top open.  If it is sewn here then the tablemat will fold easily into thirds.

Using the smaller pieces of patterned outer iron over a seam allowance of 1/2cm, fold in half, pin and sew along the open sides, making two tabs to close the tablemat.

Using the large piece of patterned outer, iron over a 1/2cm hem then iron over another 1cm.  Place the plastic inner inside the seams and sew around the edge of the tablemat.  Place the two tabs exactly halfway along the edges and sew on securely.

Sew a popper or a piece of velcro onto the end of the tabs and in the corresponding position on the outside of the mat.


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