Sunday Scribblings – Distant

When I was doing my Alphabet Blogging during June I came across the Sunday Scribblings site.  Each Sunday the host, Megg, sets a theme as inspiration for a blog post.  The idea is that you then write a blog entry using the word and create a link on the site to your post.  Might as well give it a go, I certainly need some inspiration in this heat!  The theme today is ‘distant’.

Today is the third day of my long summer holidays.  I always look forward to the long break with a mixture of emotions.  I’m glad that I’ve finally completed another academic year at school and I look forward to greeting my new class in September, but I know I’ll miss my colleagues from school.  I really look forward to the chance to do whatever I like each day; to meet up with friends, to catch up with jobs around the house and to make stuff.

Although Monday 5th September seems like a very distant date, I know it will come around quickly and I worry that it’ll pass without me achieving anything.  So I’m making a plan; rather than procrastinating and leaving everything to the last minute each week I’m going to tackle one room in the house and give it a good spring (summer!) clean and I’m going to arrange to meet up with friends and family and organise going away to stay with various people around the country.  I’m planning a day a week where I’ll start creating lessons and doing other work ready for next year and I’m quite sure my husband will remind me of the need to make some goodies in the kitchen!  I’m also determined to get out on my bike and get fit – by the end of the holiday I’ve set myself a challenge of being fit enough to complete Route 66, no not the one in the USA, the 24 mile cycle circuit around Derby!  After the 12 miles I’ve completed today, that definitely seems like a distant dream!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings – Distant

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to relax and unwind now then panic at the end of the holiday to prepare for the new school year? I hope your route 66 is a dedicated cycle track. Good Luck.


    • Did that last year; spent a week at an international Scout & Guide camp and then went on a round the world trip for the rest of the holiday and had a massive panic at the end of the holidays and spent the whole year trying to catch up with myself!


  2. WoW! You’ve certainly set yourself some targets.
    I’m afraid I’m the procrastinator and leave everything till the last minute, then I’m running around like a headless chicken trying to fit everything in. My wife, on the other hand, is the the highly organized one. She keeps trying to teach me her tricks, but I fail miserably!

    Best wishes for the upcoming school year and your circuit around Derby! 😉


  3. I came here originally to read the “distant” post from Sunday Scribblings and got distracted by the fabric shop post! I’m an avid quilter and crafter so I couldn’t resist, haha.

    Each distant dream comes closer bit by bit. I hope things go well for you this break and you get done the things that you wish 🙂



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