Alphabet Blogging: Y is for Yatter

After thinking about my X word yesterday, I started reading the dictionary.  Now this is either a sign of extreme boredom or complete stress!  I actually love looking at the dictionary and will often open it randomly to share some strange word with my class at school.  The stranger the word, the better!  I then challenge them to use the word in context at some point during the day.

I like looking at words on a theme so I set myself little challenges – today’s was ‘how many words beginning with Y represent some kind of talk or chatter?’ (this being my third favourite thing after craftiness and cooking!).  Nine, yep, 9!  Here you go: yabber, yatter, yawp, yell, yelp, yip, yoicks, yoo-hoo and yowl.  So tomorrow I will be asking my children to ‘stop yabbering’ or hearing them yell on the playground.


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