Alphabet Blogging: X is for Xmas

I was thinking ‘X is for…’ was going to be a difficult post to find a word for!  I looked in my trusty Oxford English Dictionary for inspiration and found forty-two words beginning with the letter X.  Most were scientific words; did you know that a ‘xylene’ is one of three isomeric hydrocarbons formed from benzene by the substitution of two methyl groups.  No?  Me neither, but I think I would’ve survived not knowing that too!

Xmas became my choice of word because, despite it being 180 days until Christmas, it’s never too early to think about the handmade gifts you want to give because the earlier you start making them, the sooner you can start feeling all smug when people ask you if you’ve done all your shopping!

These are just a few of the ideas I’m inspired by:

Baby Sock Advent Calendar – Martha Stewart Crafts

EFF727091.jpg title=

Quilted Advent calendar – Sew Mama Sew


Ideas for bags as gifts – Whip It Up

I’m sure I’ll find countless others to tempt me before Christmas!  What homemade gifts have you given that would work well as Christmas presents?


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