Alphabet Blogging: U is for Up-cycling

I love websites where they show you how to make something new from something that’s either old or unwanted.

This bag came free with my magazine subscription and was fairly unwanted as I’ve got loads of shopping bags hidden in cupboards all round the house!  It’s made from a nylon material with a lovely design printed on it so it was crying out to be up-cycled.  It’s my friend’s birthday soon so I wanted to make her something homemade to spread a little happiness (something nice for her/ something to keep me out of mischief!).  I decided I would make a cosmetics bag and put a Boots gift card inside so she could buy some goodies to fill it which would make it easy to put it in the post for her.

I used the same pattern as I’d used for a Good Fairy Make-up Bag, but I fiddled about with the dimensions a bit as I wanted it to be a little larger.  I also used a layer of interfacing which made it a more substantial bag with a better shape.

I’m so impressed with how quickly it came together this time.  It only took me 47 minutes to cut out all the material and make up the bag.  Just got to remember to post it now!


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