Alphabet Blogging: F is for Food

I love food!  I sit in dull staff meetings at work planning what to bake in the evening!  I love going into the kitchen and creating something that I hope will bring happiness to whoever gets to try it.  I started this blog as a way of recording the different recipes I’d been cooking as I wanted to challenge myself to cook more of a variety of things.  I still find myself drawn to cakes, cookies and flapjack, in fact anything sweet really but I’m trying to try recipes containing something other than chocolate!   I thought this would be a good opportunity to post some photos for those of you who are new to my blog and would like to have a look at some old recipes – I can’t believe how many I’ve posted.  Think I need to try some savoury things now!

Banana and walnut loaf

Toffee Apple Cake

Pineapple and ginger cupcakes

Vanilla choc-chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Blueberry cupcakes

Easter Nest Cupcakes

Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

Raspberry Cheesecake Bites

Apple, raisin and cinnamon flapjack

Cherry and Orange Flapjack

Apple and Chocolate chip flapjack

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate, rum and raisin fudge


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