Alphabet Blogging: D is for Dream Job

‘My dream job…’ says the Imagination Prompt Generator.  Oooooh, I like that one!  I’ve often wondered what else I might have done if I hadn’t gone straight through the educational system and popped out the other side as a teacher.  Some days, generally the ones where I walk in the door and my husband asks ‘staff or students’ as he can tell by the look on my face that it’s been a bad one, I still wonder what I could do instead.  I never really entertain these thoughts for very long because, on the whole, I enjoy my job.

When I was at school and making university choices I took a long time to decide between teaching and architecture.  I loved the idea of the technical drawing and designing buildings, but I knew that I wasn’t really creative enough, or perhaps brave enough, to come up with ideas for exciting new buildings.  I also didn’t fancy the idea of seven years doing a degree, four years doing teaching was quite enough for me.

I joke with my friends that I would love to open a shop.  My husband runs his own music shop and is used to the retail environment, but I don’t think I could cope with the unpredictability of the cash-flow.  Practicalities aside, I would love to either have a cake shop or a craft shop where I could get experts to come in a run courses and have lots of fabric, books and crafty paraphernalia to get the creative juices flowing.   Or even better, a craft shop with a little cake shop at the back!

Enough with the flights of fancy; I go back to work on Monday after a week off and I must do some planning or they’ll be a riot in my classroom and I’ll definitely be looking for a new job!


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