Alphabet Blogging: A is for alphabet

I love a challenge and I’ve had ideas that I could participate in postaday 2011, however I know there would be a whole load of blethering about nothing in particular on some days and the odd rant when I should really just move away from the computer and have an early night!  I find that I write a more coherent post when I plan it in advance and go back and edit it a few times, but sometimes you have to live life on the edge so I’m going to try to alternate planned and unplanned posts and see what the outcome is I love looking at the stats page, does that make me sad?! On the unplanned days I’m going to use sites like Plinky, Squidoo or Imagination Prompt Generator.

So my challenge this month is Alphabet Blogging.  There are thirty days in June and if you take away the four Sundays that leaves you with 26 days, one for each letter of the alphabet!  So that’s my plan, each day I’ll take a different letter and blog on a subject starting with that letter.  They might be about cooking, craftiness or just random chat!  All ideas for posts welcome!


Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Leave a comment, I read each and every one!

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