Mindfulness – Drawing Zentangles

Mindfulness Zentangles Pub.jpg


Mindfulness: The practice of being aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, thought to create a feeling of calm. (Cambridge Dictionaries Online)


I started drawing Zentangles  when I participated in the Creating Something Every Day February Be Creative Group and they’re now my go to method of creating a bit of calm in my life.  I’ve normally got one on the go in my bullet journal so that I can add a bit more to it as when I get the chance to or when I feel the need to just hide in a corner and calm down a bit.  These are a couple of examples of some that I’ve done recently:

Zentangle 1.jpg

To gain inspiration for the pattern in each section, I tend to look around my environment and notice the patterns around me.  In the creation below, the pattern in the top left section was the design on my skirt, the circular pattern to the top left of the quote is on a floor rug, the leaf patterns are all inspired by our lounge curtains and the stars are copied from the material I used to make my son a drawstring bag (using this method) to help to tidy up his toys.

zentangle quote.jpg

They’re a great way to find peace and calm and get a little bit of creativity into your day.

Best Way Zentangle.jpg