Day 6: My Favourite

Today’s prompt asks ‘What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favourite person? Tell us about it.’

I feel slightly odd about choosing one favourite person – I have different favourites for different reasons and the time spent apart varies.

This evening I have spent a little too much time with my favourite little person; he decided that this evening (because Mummy had a pile of work to do) would be a really good time to get himself in a complete state and scream so much that he made himself sick.  There didn’t seem any reason for it but, after a change of clothing and bedding, he finally settled down and has gone to sleep for the moment and fingers crossed he’ll stay that way until a sensible hour when I can once again enjoy his company!  Since he was born 19 months ago, the most time I’ve spent away from him is a night while he’s stayed at a grandparent’s house and we’ve enjoyed a night at a gig or a meal out with friends.  This has happened on a few occasions and, for the moment, this length of time is enough for both of us.

My husband and I have spent very little time apart over the past seven years. The longest break was while he went on a work jolly to the US for five days and I was 6 months pregnant.  I was at work for the majority of the time he was away. so the time didn’t really drag but I did miss him and his presence around the house.

I have a group of ex-colleagues who I rarely see now but talk to on a daily basis on Facebook.  I know a lot of people slate Facebook for replacing normal face-to-face social relationships but, in my busy life, it’s a great way of keeping up to date with their lives and having a gossip with.

My oldest Uni friend lives some distance away from me, but we both know that we’re always on the end of a phone and we start a conversation like we saw each other yesterday, despite sometimes not seeing each other for months.

I have a whole range of favourite people for all the different things I enjoy in my life and I hope they all realise why they’re favourites.  Life would be very dull without a range of favourite people to spend time with!