Supervision Memory Prompt Sheet

My working week is spent travelling from school to school and then catching up on my paperwork either at home, at the office, in the cave/ cupboard that is euphemistically called ‘the hotdesk’ or hovering in a cafe drinking coffee and using the free WiFi!

I meet with my supervisor about every three weeks. My supervision time is an opportunity for me to talk through my caseload and share my concerns and triumphs. Three weeks is a long time, I’ll have driven about 500 miles, visited a number of schools and participated in meetings, observations and consultations. I decided that I needed a way of recording my notes in preparation for my next supervision.

Originally I used this page. It was based on the recording sheet that many agencies within our Local Authority use for making notes during meetings. The process worked well to begin with, but my supervisor wasn’t too happy about me writing confidential notes (GDPR is the bane of my life…) and keeping them in my bullet journal and I’d noticed that the form my supervisor completes as a record of our meeting didn’t match so some of my notes got missed.

I then designed this form which gets taped into my planner using washi tape. I add to it in the weeks preceding my supervision and then remove it and stick it in the shredder afterwards. Confidentiality maintained and nothing gets missed!

How do you use your bullet journal for work tasks?

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